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    Fire Force

    Fire Force is Scott Stearns and a closely allied network of artisans, technicians, thinkers and makers forged over decades of creative high adventures wherein passions, values and systems have been tried, tested and honed.

    We are agile and strategically peripatetic - ranging across disciplines, tracking trends and evaluating concepts - to remain at the inflection point of the curve and insure that change remains an ally, and a source of opportunity, in the the fields of media, communications, information science and design.

    We examine both the context and components of all assignments carefully, from the vantage point of a unique opportunity to assemble discrete or seemingly disparate parts into a holistic response to your need. Beyond this, we want delight and wonder if possible, or a pause to reflect and consider, but minimally a satisfying and effective solution to the challenge.

  • Founder - Creative Director

    Scott Stearns

    Founder - Creative Director

    Scott Stearns

    Whether working behind a camera, or editing scenes, drafting designs and writing code at a workstation, Scott cares about patterns that connect, juxtapositions that reveal shades of meaning, and combinations that can illuminate the contours of a space or an idea.

    He came up through film and video production crafts, then began exploring computer-based disciplines in the 1990s with an Avid Media Composer and applications like AfterEffects and HyperCard.

    Along the way he formed a film lighting company, Fire Blossom, built a sound stage, Red Star, and became further immersed in both web technologies and cinematography.

    By 2004, the parent company of Fire Blossom and Red Star, had evolved into Fire Force Media and Design as it began to offer web and graphics services as natural complements to film and video.

  • Dialogs: Short Takes

    On-camera Interviews

    Capturing Eddie 'The Chief' Clearwater
    Dialogs: Short Takes

    On-camera Interviews

    Capturing Eddie 'The Chief' Clearwater

    "I have a neighbor, Eddie Clearwater, a man well known internationally in the blues community and a man of humility and grace. I had the good fortune of being present when Scott visited Eddie to conduct a video interview.

    Being able to read behavioral cues to move an interview along comfortably and naturally is an art. Observing Scott do that while maintaining and tweaking the recorded image and sound was watching an artist at work. There are excellent interviewers and there are talented camera and sound technicians. To witness those skills in one individual is a rare experience."

    - Nic Dasovich