Web Design and Development

  • Site Design & Development

    Web Experiences To Show You At Your Best

    Tasteful intelligence and sound functionality.

    We craft our sites with care and holistic regard for detail, to produce a balance of form, function and style that uniquely reflects and supports the person, brand or organization that each one serves.

    We know that each web project requires an appropriate scale, a thoughtful architecture and a distinct aesthetic treatment. It's why we make sure we clearly understand your goals and preferences; to be sure we present the options best suited to your needs and budget.

    Style and meaning supported by structure and performance.

    As the design process unfolds, we pay close attention to each site's logical structure, navigational flow, and interactive requirements, then we create and refine the visual treatments that will make up the site's look and character.

    Step by step, we work with you to form a consensus around the choices involved, then weave your content together with the code that gives it interactive life. Using proven and flexible languages – including HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Javascript – we code for compatibility, durability and extensibility.

  • Mobile and App Design

    Presentation and Function Enhanced for Different Screens

    All sites respond, not all are responsive.

    We create responsive web sites. The emerging technologies and methods behind this approach produce site designs that adapt - both visually and functionally - to a full range of screens and devices. Today's most effective sites possess the capacity to alter their layout to fit each viewer's environment. In other words, they're friendly, even considerate.

    Scale matters - fluid web technology adjusts, so users don't have to.

    A responsive site rearranges and resizes its content and differentiates between touch screens and standard displays. When accessing your site on handheld screens, users are presented with the same legible layout and comfortable response of an app. Pinching, pulling and swiping to navigate or locate content is minimized. The experience is simpler and more natural.

    Palm of the hand to display on the wall:
    Find a place - wherever your audience is.

    Touch-based interfaces - and eventually touchless interfaces - are driving new approaches. With more limited power capacity and memory capabilities than desktops and noteboooks, smartphones and tablets have different needs. We are taking a lead in insuring that the rapidly expanding base of mobile customers feels comfortable and satisfied with the presentation and interaction that our client's sites deliver.

    Try this site, for example, on different devices and screens to see what we mean. On a desktop display, you can resize the window to see the responsive characteristics in action.

  • User Managable Sites

    Choose Your Level of Collaboration

    Gain control. Redecorate. Move the furniture.

    If you want blogging capabilities, or the option to add and modify content yourself, you can do this with a content management site – without having to learn web markup and scripting languages.

    We most often create these sites with WordPress – a mature, award-winning, and widely adopted open-source engine for content management and blogging.

    Freedom and flexibility to manage content yourself.

    As the most popular content management platform on the web, WordPress features a graphical interface - the Dashboard - where users can add and edit content in a visual interface similar to an email or word processing application. The Dashboard also provides for managing who can access the site to make changes.

    Built in style and features.

    For content management sites, we build templates that determine the layout and features for various page types but leave space for you to add images, text, video or blog commentary. Along with templates, a package of code and images called a theme is produced that is responsible for the site's overall visual style. Custom built WordPress themes afford significant control over a site's appearance and functionality. Numerous sites that take advantage of WordPress, for its blogging and CMS features, look nothing like a conventional blog because they employ a unique theme.

Reggio 'The Hoofer' McLaughlin
Reggio 'The Hoofer' McLaughlin

Rebranding, graphic makeover and responsive development for Chicago tap artist and teacher.
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Innovative Developmental Techniques
Innovative Developmental Techniques

Web design and development. Responsive site for human resources consulting firm.
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