Graphic Design and Illustration

  • Identity and Branding

    Beyond Words

    Your brand says "This is who we are."

    Fire Force helps leverage visual and conceptual elements to evoke personality, build credibility and lend appeal. In a landscape crowded with signs, symbols and messages, an edge goes to products and services that display a pronounced identity - one that carries the brand's standard with power and consistency because it resonates with genuine, intrinsic values.

    We believe in combining a contemporary perspective with proven branding principles and time-honored identity practices. By looking beyond fads and formulas to explore and fully understand the premise at the core of each assignment, we seek to fully inform the design process and open it to key insights.

    An integrated expression of your ethos.

    When developing an identity premise or updating a system , we propose a stylistic approach and delineate key symbolic and graphic elements only after careful consideration of meaning, character and context.

    Our goal is to be a strong partner in shaping and unifying the visual definitions of who you are and what you offer. These form the basis for coherent communications that confer status while providing the visual and emotional cues that generate interest, recognition and respect.

  • Logo Design and Illustration

    Evoke - Clarify
    Identify - Impress
    Familiarize - Appeal

    To Be Clear and Be Noticed, Be Visual

    Achieve memorable directness with conceptual clarity

    Whether we're creating a new logo or updating an existing one, we begin by evaluating logo assignments in relation to overall identity goals.

    Reviewing your product or service - its audience, market sector and the basis of its appeal - helps us think strategically and take a proactive approach to developing a durable and versatile logo that will serve you in multiple ways.

    Make your mark: Distinct and Durable

    Understanding the project's context helps us establish a clear framework for collaborating with you to develop a simple and compelling mark. One that will be meaningful and will represent your vision effectively - to employees, customers and investors.

    In coordination with you, we assemble and integrate a range visual, verbal and conceptual elements to distill the essence of your identity into a mark that can become a durable intellectual asset. One that points to your core identity, that works across a range of media, and that can evolve and change with you over time.

    Generate interest and improve recognition

    A strong, effective logo will be simple, direct and memorable. It will differentiate you from competitors and foster positive associations. We work to insure that you have a logo that people connect with emotionally and rationally, in ways that will reinforce your identity and promote loyalty.

  • Print and Collateral

    The message of things. A broad embrace.

    Take advantage of texture, touch and tangibility

    Print and collateral are indespensible brand components that extend your persona beyond electronic channels into the fabric of life and work.

    At Fire Force, we appreciate paper and ink – the sensual qualities that dyes, pigments, and tactile materials exhibit. Imprinting and messaging with functional objects helps strengthen connections and build brand awareness.

    Real objects suggest stability and permanence

    As electronic media increasingly recirculate and commodify information, familiar objects acquire new power to provide warmth, familiarity and a personal touch. Traditional analog mediums exhibit a comfortable heft and permanence that complements the transitory nature of lighted pixels.

    Multiple impressions in varied mediums provide breadth and depth

    Presenting a comprehensive, well-integrated identity is a sign of professionalism and attention to detail which is, in itself, a message. Fire Fores relishes opportunities to extend and apply designs in the world beyond the screens: to paper, clothing, objects and accessories.

Faye Raye - Singer/Songwriter
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Personal artifacts and iconic imagery were used to refresh and reposition the professional identity for Atlanta singer and songwriter Faye Raye. Her site's sensibility was re-imagined and a fresh interpretation developed to better reflect her persona and evolving style.
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Reddington Designs
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In conjunction with the web site redesign, Fire Force developed an updated logo for Reddington. We then created stationery and businesscard designs, a promotional postcard, and a design for window signage.
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